EcoSTEP Software Documentation

The ultimate guide to using the EcoSTEP software tool is contained in a new book, Sustainometrics: Measuring Sustainability, by Joslyn Institute Founder and President and CEO, W. Cecil Steward, and Joslyn Institute Vice-President, Sharon S. Baum Kuska.

Sustainability has become part of our collective world view in recent years. As such, a new map is needed to navigate the dynamics of change in the making of cities, buildings, and products.

In Sustainometrics: Measuring Sustainability, Steward and Kuska show how to use the EcoSTEP® software, a method to define progress toward sustainability goals. EcoSTEP® software can be applied at any scale of design, planning, or sustainability problem-solving. It has been effectively used in pre-design programming, neighborhood and regional assessments, post-occupancy evaluations of industrial buildings, and comparative analysis of similar buildings.

Altogether, the process will result in better, conservation-based decisions and the avoidance of many unintended consequences.

“Sustainometrics© offers us an optimistic view that our individual choices matter greatly and we can make a difference,” said Phil Enquist, Partner in Charge of Urban Design & Planning at Skidmore Owens and Merrill.

Nicholas You, chair of the Steering Committee for the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign, said, “There is a definite need for this book. It fills a current gap by tying together concepts, tools, and approaches.”

The book can be purchased from Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities.